The Fridge offered me the opportunity to lead this project. I took care of the look development and the compositing of each master shots based on the references drawn by the art director Joost Jansen. I also worked on the adaptation of the pipeline teaming up with the developers to have the most efficient workflow.

Production : Potemkino, Sancta & The Fridge
Directors : Kristoff & Dimitri Leue
DOP : Koen Van Sande
Editor : Jan Hameeuw & Thomas Ceulemans
Motion Graphics & Design : Sancta Productions
Editing, 3D, Compositing, Color Grading, Online : The Fridge
Compositing : The Fridge Team
Colorist : Nick Fortemps
Online : Robin Van den Acker, Niels Christensen, Nick Fortemps & Maxim Van de Sompele