Senior VFX Compositor with a decade of experience, specialized in creating visual effects for movies and series. My expertise extends to 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting with a good foundation in animation, skills that feed my passion for CGI and allow me to have a global vision of the projects.

Having a strong sense of organization and responsibility, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with my colleagues. In fact, I’ve created a YouTube channel called “The AG’s Way” where I produce tutorials aimed at inspiring and contributing to the growth of the VFX community.

I graduate in 2012 as a Multimedia Designer at ERACOM (école romande d’art et de communication) in Lausanne, Switzerland. After my graduation, I worked 3 years in Lausanne for Imaginastudio as Motion Designer and VFX Supervisor. In August 2015, I moved to Brussels and worked more or less 4 years as a Nuke Compositor at The Fridge, Ace Image Factory, Walking The Dog, Umedia and Caviar, having the opportunity to be a lead in some projects. I’ve continuously shaped my skills with online training courses like fxphd, pluralsight or, to always give the best to my employers.

In August 2019, after getting married to a wonderful portuguese woman, I moved to Lisbon with a new challenge, becoming an accomplished 3D Artist with Hard Surface Modeling as a speciality. I’ve already studied every aspect of Cinema 4D (modeling, unwraping UV, texturing, shading, rendering, rigging, animation, mograph, dynamics) but to be “industry ready” I’m now studying Maya and ZBrush.

In the begging of 2020, I followed a class at The CG Master Academy called Hard Surface Modeling for Film taught by Jay Machado (Senior Hard Surface Modeler at ILM).

From 2021, I became a freelancer and since I worked for several companies like The Pack Studio, Benuts, Nexus Studio and Rise VFX, mostly as a Nuke Compositor, but also as a Lighting/Finalizing Supervisor on a Unity project.

In 2023 I obtained a Master’s degree from the prestigious school ArtFX thanks to the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE).

I’m always hungry for new challenges and my passion for this art is so big, that I can’t stop learning to become better and better every day… like a real Saiyan would be 😉


  • VFX Compositing
    • CG Compositing
    • Deep Compositing
    • Python Scripting
    • Chroma Keying
    • Match Moving
    • Matte Painting
    • Cleaning
    • Rotoscopy
  • Motion Design
    • 2D
    • 3D
  • 3D Modeling
    • Hard Surface
    • Digital Sculpting
    • Rigging
    • UV Unwrap
    • Texturing
    • Shading
    • Lighting
    • Rendering
  • Others
    • Editing
    • Color Grading
    • Image Retouching


  • Nuke / Nuke X
  • Maya
  • Cinema 4D
  • zBrush
  • Arnold
  • Redshift
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Unity
  • Da Vinci Resolve
  • Mocha Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Affinity Photo
  • Affinity Designer


  • Français
    • Native or bilingual proficiency
  • Italiano
    • Native or bilingual proficiency
  • English
    • Full professional proficiency
  • Español
    • Full professional proficiency
  • Português
    • Full professional proficiency
  • Deutsch
    • Limited working proficiency