PERSONAL WORK (showreel project)

[What is the Showreel project ? After spending 4 years as a full time Nuke Compositor and 1 year studying Modeling and Animation, I had no more Motion Design works that were recent and showed my current skills. So I decided to spend a little less than 3 months to create a variety of little projects that would make a full showreel once put together. It has been quite challenging to come up with so many different concepts that I would be able to do from scratch in such a short amount of time, but I’ve learnt a lot during the process]

I wanted to try my new 2D rigging and character animation skills with this little piece, but instead of doing a simple presentation of a walk/run cycle with a uniform background, I wanted to put my character into a situation. I’ve been inspired by the fantastic animation made by Animade for the opening of the School of Motion’s Cinema 4D Basecamp. There is a moment where the guy is running from an avalanche made of 3D primitives. You can check this moment at 00:08 here :

I wanted to redo this avalanche but with other object and a 2D character running away. In the meantime, I stumble onto this tutorial : I’ve found his technique very interesting and I came up with this idea. What about a guy trying to catch Social Media Logos (that are moving like a swarm) and then he runs from an avalanche of “likes” and “emojis” ?

So I needed a guy that I could rig with DUIK Bassel and animate in After Effects. I’m not the best illustrator, (I’m still learning how to draw correctly) but I tried my best to draw this guy, inspired by the great character design from Luigi Lucarelli. Once the character was done, I needed a background… and in order to speed up a bit the job, I used a license free design from Vectorpouch / Freepik that I reorganised to be able to animated it.

With this piece, I wanted to express all the madness that turns around those Social Medias. That’s why I tried this little play on word with the title : Social Mad-ia.

Illustration : Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo
2D Rigging : DUIK Bassel
2D Animation : After Effects
Modeling : Cinema 4D
3D Animation : Cinema 4D (Mograph)
Compositing : After Effects

Final animation
Music : Corbyn Kites – Overdrive
Run Cycle
Character Design
Background animation
Original Background Designed by vectorpouch / Freepik
Clic here to download the original background
All the logos and emojis done with Cinema 4D
Logos animation
Emojis animation
I have to give a shout-out to my brother in law who helped me find the best solution for that animation