PERSONAL WORK (showreel project)

[What is the Showreel project ? After spending 4 years as a full time Nuke Compositor and 1 year studying Modeling and Animation, I had no more Motion Design works that were recent and showed my current skills. So I decided to spend a little less than 3 months to create a variety of little projects that would make a full showreel once put together. It has been quite challenging to come up with so many different concepts that I would be able to do from scratch in such a short amount of time, but I’ve learnt a lot during the process]

For this piece, I’ve been inpired by two different works from Giant Ant and Golden Wolf. The first one is a simple square with very good and smooth animation, falling and spining around dots that could have been olympic high bars. The second one, is a very funny animation of skeleton sledding that ends with the winner on the podium. So, mixing both, I had this idea of a simple flat triangle (because the square was already taken 😉 ) that ends up as a full 3D “pyramid character” on the podium celebrating his first place.

The first part is a full 2D animation made in After Effects with a “fake” 3D rig for the rotation. The second one has been entirely made in Cinema 4D with the use of Sketch and Toon. In order to keep this “hand drawn” feeling, I spent quite a time working on the imprefections of the line. To have the “temporal offset” of the line (I mean, a different line every frame to give the typical jiggle of hand drawn animations) I used Xpresso to change the noise pattern each frame. I did this, because the result I had with the animation option in the noise parameters wasn’t conclusive.

And by the way… Poly-m’pic stands for Polygon Olympic, but I’m sure you’ve already guessed that 😉

Animation : After Effects, Cinema 4D
Shading, Lighting, Rendering : Cinema 4D Sketch and Toon
Compositing : After Effects

Part 1 – 2D animation made in After Effects
Part 2 -3D Animation made in Cinema 4D (Sketch and Toon)




Shhh – We’ll Never Tell (Giant Ant)
See the full video here :
Golden Wolf – Comedy Reel 2018
See the full video here (at 00:16) :