I had the chance to direct this music video for my friend Mc Spider. He gave me the opportunity to make my own interpretation of his lyrics. I took care of almost everything, from the pre-production to the post-production. During the shooting I’ve been helped by my collegues and good friends Claudio Artieda and Mina DeNuccio. “Le temps de la fin” means litterally “The time of the end”, so I’ve imagined a fight between the four horseman of the apocalypse and Mc Spider. A classic struggle of the good against the bad with modern technology and hip-hop style code.

Production : Spiderkopat
Director : Alexandre Gaudiano
DOP : Claudio Artieda
Assistant : Mina De Nuccio
Catering : Catia Calvario Lopes
Editing, VFX & Color Grading : Alexandre Gaudiano

With :
MC Spider
Jucelino Miranda
Pascal De Oliveira
Victor Nunes
Angélique Kiliçli


On set photos