I had the chance to direct this music video for my friend Mc Spider. He gave me the opportunity to make my own interpretation of his lyrics. I took care of almost everything, from the pre-production to the post-production. During the shooting I’ve been helped by my collegues and good friends Claudio Artieda and Mina DeNuccio. « Le temps de la fin » means litterally « The time of the end », so I’ve imagined a fight between the four horseman of the apocalypse and Mc Spider. A classic struggle of the good against the bad with modern technology and hip-hop style code.

Production : Spiderkopat
Director : Alexandre Gaudiano
DOP : Claudio Artieda
Assistant : Mina De Nuccio
Catering : Catia Calvario Lopes
Editing, VFX & Color Grading : Alexandre Gaudiano

With :
MC Spider
Jucelino Miranda
Pascal De Oliveira
Victor Nunes
Angélique Kiliçli


On set photos