PERSONAL WORK (full exercise)

In 2017 I was starting learning modeling and as an exercise I tried to do the Kaneda’s Bike from the manga Akira (you can see it here -> Kaneda’s Bike 2017). Unfortunately my skills at that time wasn’t good enough and I always felt frustrated about the quality of the model. At the end of 2020, Wizix opened a new modeling challenge about Cybebikes and I thought that it was the perfect “excuse” to redo this bike and see how my skills have improved these last years.

This time, because I’ve studied topology in a correct way, I had no problem to model every parts of the bike. For example, in my previous model I haven’t been able to model the front screen, and I had to do something simpler. However, in my new bike, I have been able to model it as it is in the reference I used.

By the end of the challenge, I’ve only had the time to export clay renders and if it was only the compare my modeling skills, I could have stopped the exercise there… but I took the time to push it as far as possible to end up with nice images to show. So I went through all the process of unwrapping the UV’s, Texturing / Shading, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing to get what you can see below. I still made a lot of mistakes during the creation, but the kind of mistakes that teach you a lot 🙂 I hope you’re gonna like it, because I enjoyed making it.

Modeling : Maya
Texturing : Substance Painter
Lighting / Shading / Rendering : Arnold
Compositing : Nuke

Final Renders

Background image from tokyoform
Background image from tokyoform
Background image from tokyoform
Background image from tokyoform
Background image from tokyoform

Clay Renders

Clay Render
Clay Render
Clay Render
Clay Render


Turntable 01
Turntable 02
Wireframe Turntable
Front Screen Wireframe


High Poly seat
Colored parts = High Poly / Grayed parts = Low Poly (blocking)
Modeling the inside parts of the fork
Materials blocking in Substance Painter
Texturing process – Seat
Texturing process – Tires
Texturing process – Exhaust pipe
Texturing process – Inside fork
Texturing process – Front screen
First test with a background (bad lighting)
Final renders before compositing


Main Reference
Exhaust Pipe Reference
Screen Reference
Idea of using carbon fiber parts, and split side mirrors
Inspiration for the circled parts (side bottom parts)
Rooftop shot
Rooftop shot
Rooftop shot