After taking more than a year off between 2019 and 2021, to learn new skills and techniques especially in 3D Modeling, The Pack Studio (former The Fridge) called me back for a great project. This was my first experience as a freelance and due to COVID restrictions it was also my first remote experience.

In this movie, called Journey to Yourland and directed by Peter Bundinský, I’ve been the Finalizing Supervisor in Unity. This is the first feature length animation movie ever made with Unity for cinematic release , what a challenge !

My team and myself had to “finalize” the shots based on a pre-light done on the environnement by the lighting team. The main goal was to integrate correctly all the characters, the fx, and we also took care about all the final touches like depth of field. In the end we had to relight completely some sequences, because some changes came to us for a better integration with the chronology of the story.

In this project, I managed the whole team, checking all the sequences and having a lot of meetings with the Director, in a very challenging deadline. I did a lot of sequences myself (lighting, finalizing and I even had the opportunity to define the look of some of them) to help and lead the team through this crazy “journey” 😉

I thank Peter Bundinský, Jan Hameeuw, my team mates and The Pack Studio to gave me this fantastic opportunity. If you have kids, you should definitively show them this movie, because it’s really great !!


Find below some screen captures of shots I lit myself… for most I also created the look of them