STUDENT WORK (full exercice)

From February to April 2020 I took the Hard Surface Modeling for Film course at the CGMA to improve my skills. During this 10 weeks intensive course given by Jay Machado, ILM senior modeler and winner of a VES Award in 2019, I’ve learn a lot especially about kitbashing and UDIM’s packing strategies.

First of all, we started from a concept art that we had to choose (thanks Artstation). I picked one from Dennis Welling that I found fantastic… this dragonfly type of design immediately caught my eye. Then we modeled in Maya by blocking the basic shape, sculpting the details in Zbrush and finally back to Maya to retopolgize the sculpt for the high poly model. After those steps, with the art of kitbashing, we added a bunch of “little” pieces to our ship to give a high level of details. At the end, I pushed the work a little bit further by texturing in Substance Painter, render in Arnold and do the compositing in Nuke.

I’m proud of what I accomplished in this project, and I’m very thankfull to Jay Machado and the CGMA for everything I’ve learnt.

Modeling : Maya, Zbrush
Texturing : Substance Painter
Shading, Lighting, Rendering : Arnold
Compositing : Nuke

Concept Art
More here at Dennis Welling’s Artstation page :
Final Render
Turntable 01
Turntable 02
Wireframe turntable
Playblast Wings movements
Playblast Doors and Ramp opening
Playblast Landing Gears