In 2022 I had the great opportunity to work on the opening title for one of the most awaited series :

The Lord of the Rings : The Rings of Power (season 1)

My job was to mix CGI rocks simulations with real live footages of sand and add all the little touches that give the image its realistic look. By the way, some shots are a mix of CGI and live footage and some shots are only real live footage, would you be able to spot the difference 😉

My biggest challenge has been to do the “dream sequence” (see the snapshots below) it has been a tricky one because I had to synchronise all the different shapes in position but also with the music… and at the end, adding a subliminal “cloudy” Numenor island in which we could fly through.

It has been a great project done with a fantastic team and I’m very proud of it.

You can find below a few snapshots of the shots I’ve worked on. All images and video have been taken from the website of the Lead Design Studio : Plains of Yonder


This one is the Dream sequence I’m talking about above