This is my second TV serie from Amazon Prime, and with a super cool team of artists at RISE | Visual Effects Studio we had the opportunity to tackle a few shots.

I had the chance to take care of the compositing of the explosion of the house. It was a really nice collaboration with the FX team to test some simulations and be sure that all the deep datas were correctly usable. I also spent some time to paint all the windows in order of been able to turn them off when the blast hits the house.

After that, I gave a hand to my buddy Zsolt Sebok who was the lead on this show. I had a beauty fix on the main character (a pimple on the face to remove), bright edges to clean on tricky blue screens and some little stuff to add, like a windshield to recreate from scratch after been “erased” by the keying process.

You can find below the trailer of the show and some snapshot of the shots I worked on.

You can see the explosion shot at 1:49


The little detail I’m proud of is the back windshield that I totally created from scratch. It’s subtle enough not to be distracting and present enough to feel there is a glass in between the lady and the explosion
The van and the house are CG elements. All the rest is live footage
The bottom part was real footage and the upper part was partially blue screen. We had to key the blue and add the CG background for a set extension. The tricky part was that the lighting was giving a strong bright edge… difficult to clean especially on the tiny hair. I also removed the pimple that was more or less on his temple.
Here I added back the windshield, especially the blue line that was lost after the keying process. I also reconstruct the dirt on the windshield and on a part of the side windows, but due to the grading and the compression, it’s not very obvious here.
In this shot, I added the video in the screen. It was a simple shot without any difficulties, so it was pleasant to do 🙂