For my first Marvel feature film I had the honor to work on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

I mostly worked on Shuri’s lab shots. I had the chance to do a lot of CG integrations, which is my favorite type of task. I also did chroma keying in mostly all shots and some cleaning (which you shouldn’t see, like Nakia’s hair clip falling down from her head when Shuri hits the mannequin with her new super strength 😉 ) I especially enjoyed working on the Midnight Angel hologram suit.

I spend more or less 5 months with a fantastic team from RISE | Visual Effects Studio


You can see my shots between 0:35 and 0:49


Find below most of the shot I’ve worked on. My tasks were :

  • Bluescreen chroma keying
  • Set extension with CG elements provided by the 3D department
  • Addition of 2d and 3d graphic elements (mostly in the screens)
  • CG compositing (3d floating hologram of the Midnight Angel’s suits)
  • Deep compositing
  • Cleaning, in some shots
This one was pretty tricky to key because the glass is transparent, but also reflective. So the challenge was to take out the bluescreen in order to put the CG background but also save all the reflexions
This is the shot where the hairclip was falling… if you don’t see anything, I’ll be happy 😉